Stage Angels
Dodge’s Store
Elaine Dundy & Roy Turner
Endowment for the Arts
Wesson and Mothershed Eye Care Center

Executive Producers
Chris Bergmann
Accent Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association
David and Donna East
Dr. and Mrs. Rick Griswold
Dennis and Amanda Hebner
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Houin
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Moll
Bud and Lynn Nelson
Scott and Annette Reed
Jack and Lisa Reed
Dan and Becky Rollins
Jonathan Waller
Tom and Semmie Wicker

Terry and Debra Anderson
Vernon and Kathryn Barrow
David and Melissa Bell
David and Shawn Brevard
Richard and Kimberly Caron
Bill and Sue Carroll
Pamela J. Cox
Karl and Beverly Crossen
Dr. and Mrs. Jayant Dey
Ben and Jana Eakes
Rep. and Mrs. Steve Holland; Holland Funeral Directors
Tish Horton
Mark and Ann Blair Huffman
Mark and Joy Kellum
Tupelo Coca Cola
Mrs. Jess Mark
Jonathan and Lisa Martin
Steve and Beverly McAlilly
Robin and Mimi McGraw
Paul and Catherine Dale Mize
David and Carolyn Neilsen
Dr. Terry and Ann Odom
Charles and Jessica Pigott
Bill Rice
Rob and Linda Rice
Mrs. Robert E. Rice
Clark and Rothann Richey
Mr. and Mrs. Don Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sims
Otis and Susan Tims
Trustmark Bank
Gerald and Donna Wages
Sam and Michelle Waits
Roger and Gayle Wicker
Joann Wilson
Bill and Sarah Young

Kevin and Angela Barrington
Bill and Linda Lee Brawner
Mr.Henry Brevard,  treat drugstore Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Carnathan
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Chambers
Greg and Tracie Conwill
Dave and Liz Dawson
Eric and Sharon Emig
Beth and Robert Frick
James and Kaye Gibson
Mr. R. Hajek and Dr. M. Barnes
Eddie and Pam Helms
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Holman
Marshall and Sarah Jenkins
Sonja Jenkins
Jim and Sarah Karrant
Mr. & Mrs. Gayle Kinsey
Bruce and Lori Longest
John and Dot Mason
Dr. and Mrs. Hughes Milam
Kelly and Lynn Mims
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Monts
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Poland
Linda Reich
Ty Robinson
Rud and Debra Robison
Merrell Rogers
David and Donna Rumbarger
Animal Care Center of Tupelo-Derek and Shelley Russell
Terry Rutledge
Mayor Jason Shelton
Mrs. James Shirley
Crofton and Camille Sloan
John and Delores Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Warriner
Cecil and Toylane Weeks
Roy Lee Wells, recipe stuff Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wicker
Whitney and Beverly Williams
Judd and Martha Ann Wilson

Janie Alexander
Frank and Donna Alford
Scott and Amanda Angle
William and Audra Armistead
Janet Armour
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Armstrong
David Atkins
Dr. & Mrs. Joe N. Bailey, III
Sandra Ball
Warren and Michelle Barbieri
Lisa Brown and Renee Belk
Lisa Browning Photography
Dr. and Mrs. Ben Buchanan
Dr. & Mrs. Swan Burrus
Pat and Jennifer Caldwell
Rick and Linda Caldwell
Sandra Caldwell
Fred and Kaye Cannon
Joe and Judy Carnaggio
Joe and Bridgett Cash
Mike and Julie Clayborne
Leslie Criss and Cheryl Sproles
Martha Dale
Andy and Mitzi Davis
Mr. and Mrs J. William Deas
Jo Ann Denley
Bob and Victoria Derveloy
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Diffee
Park and Mer Dodge
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Durbin
Tom and Jean Elmore
Lori and Jai Eschete
Tom and Jo Anne Ethridge
Exceed Technologies, Inc.
Bryan and Amy Fagan
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fandel
Al and Rebecca Fish
Brian Fitzgerald
Charles and Trish Fleming
Dr. and Mrs. Eldridge Fleming
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Flowers
Jack and Dana Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Frerer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Frey, Jr.
Robert and Nikki Funderburk
Bobby and Lucy Gaines
Bobby Geno & Maria Geno
Express Employment Professionals
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Grisham
Jeff and Elizabeth Hamm
Don and Anne Harrington
Craig Helmuth
Scott, Marlo and Eron Hendrix
Tom and Joe Ann Higginbotham
Bob and Cathy Higgins
Benton and Brenda Hilbun
Darrell and Diane Hink
Justin and Jill Graff
Allana Austin & Jennifer Homan
Tom and Karen Hughes
Pat Humphrey
Dr. Neal Hurt
Charles and Joy Hyatt
Chuck and Sue Imbler
Rubye Del Harden and Roy Jaeger
G. Norman James, Dr. Mary James
Gus and Judy Jones
Raymond and Cindy Jourdan
Gregg and Margaret Ann Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Kenney
Gene & Charlotte Lass
Weezie’s Deli and Gifts
Eddie and Barbara Lindsey
Duke and Donna Loden
Mrs. C. E. Lomenick, Sr.
Hugh and Bea Luckett
Tom and Danane Lynch
Dawn Magers
Robert and Connie Marion
Meredith Martin
Shelia McCool
Dr. and Mrs. Randy McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCurdy
Lee and Danny McKenzie
Jimmy and Nancy Brown Milam
Steve and Christy Miller
Bill and Bonnie Mims
Steve and Lucy Nash
Frances Nester
Suzanne Oakley
Ben and Jo Orr
Drs. Matt and Christy Oswalt
Jason and Katie Pannell
Jimmy and Teresa Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pemper
Marty and Mimi Pettit
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pifer
Fred and Carol Pitts
Clyde and Margaret Porter
Ms. Dona Porter
Chuck Prestwood
Mr. Ralph Price
Judy Pryor
LTC Sims and Betty Reeves
Mrs. Frank A. Riley
Ann Rogers
Amaline Rutledge
George and Rosemary Rutledge
Joe and Pat Rutledge
Bill and Millicent Seawright
Donald and LaDonna Shepherd
Jeff and Ellen Short
Shane and Parker Spees
Zilla Spencer
Jimmy Stephens
Michael and Beth Storey
Josh and Amanda Sullivan
Dr. Amanda Pitts Summers
Kevin and Lesley Tackitt
Jim and Jane Threldkeld
Janice and Curtis Trawick
Oreck Floor Care
Harold and Lois Umfress
Buddy and Vicky Vance
Mr. and Mrs. Heywood Washburn
Bill and Sunny Waters
Way-Fil Jewelry
Chad and Allie West
Mr. and Mrs. Billy F. Wheeler
Betsy and Albert White
Mrs. Betty Whitenton
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Williams
Josh and Miley Wise
Dennis and Sandra Wright
Ronny and Tami Young

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