Mamma Mia Cast List

Olive Madison——–Maddie Ludt

Florence Unger——Hayley Johnson

Mickey—————–Veronica McAlister

Sylvie——————-Anne Haire

Renee——————Emily Mote

Vera——————–Brandy Cook

Manola—————–Carlton Wall

Jesus——————-Brandon Strickland


Disney’s The Little Mermaid JR  cast list
Ariel Kaylee Heitger
Prince Eric Xander Hooper
Ursula Zion Timberson
King Triton Kellen Harrison
Sebastian Thomas Roper
Flounder Annelise Fagan
Flotsam Ethan Navarro
Jetsam Ella Frances Martin
Scuttle Dawson Tackitt
Grimsby Gavin Lane
Chef Louis Nathan Dowling
Carlotta Meggan Reeder
Pilot Jurdan May
Seahorse Diana Tackitt
Max Rimmi Rae Eiland
Allana Lucy Johnston
Arista Lindy Monts
Aquata Erin Harrison
Adella Meri Alan Wolfe
Atina Mary Vandersteeg
Andrina Emma Reed
Princesses Chloe Amos +
Annaleise Carroll ++
Harmony Crump +
Michaela Heitger ++
Jilli Grace Asa ++
Brooke Jackson +
Sailors Brice Stone
Connor Tindall
Thomas Taylor
Tate Chappell
Carter Smith
Chefs Jason Dowling
Ella Middleton
Hannah Buzzell
Kendall Abraham
Ella Michael Gable
Ivy Kate Benjamin
Lydia Dickerson
Tate Chappell
Brice Stone
Merfolk Rylee Langford
Caleigh Martin
Karmen Norwood
Rebecca Johnston **
Rachel Burleson **
Shelby Burks
Stella Root **
Sea Creatures Alice Fagan *
Maggie Benjamin
Meg Ross
Anne Frances Atkinson *
Ansley Garner *
Abbey Sanders
Sadie Roper *
Celia Johnston *
Brayden Hargett
Darby Gentry *
Emma Carroll *
Madi Carroll
Ella Beth Honeycutt
Eels Suzie Witt
Rafael Mitchell
Braxton Johnson
Seagulls Anna Cash Sullivan *
Lauren Overstreet *
Mary Charles Beckett *
Chloe Geno *
Tentacles Wesley Russell
Beth Cappleman
Megan Cappleman
Briggs McAdory
Guppies Eden Malone
Kolt Malone
Livvy Worthey
Audrey Robertson
Lennox Coon
Collier Beckett
Clair Kilpatrick
Sidney Dorsey
Under the Sea puppeteers: Summer Witt
Sarah Buzzell
* = also cast as Lagoon Creature
** = Poor Unfortunate Soul feature
+ = also cast as Merfolk
++ = also cast as Eel
Thank you to all 162 who auditioned! You all did a
wonderful job! If you weren’t cast, please try out again and
take advantage of our fantastic summer theatre camp in
For those cast – REMEMBER – Parent Meeting Thursday
night from 6:00 – 6:30 p.m. and first read through for
entire cast from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.




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