Auditions for Death Trap

Tupelo Community Theatre will hold auditions for the thriller Deathtrap, by Ira Levin, on Monday, November 15 and Tuesday, November 16 at 6:00 pm in the rehearsal hall of the Lyric Theatre, 201 N. Broadway in downtown Tupelo. Described as two-thirds thriller and one-third a devilishly clever comedy the audience will suspend their disbelief, be delighted and possibly scream a little. The cast consist of men ages 20 and older and women 30 and older and no advanced preparation is required.
The play will be directed by Jennifer Cummings and production dates are January 27-29, 2022. For more information email or call the TCT office at 662-844-1935.


Bob Wallace  – Jesse Watkins

Phil Davis – Dalton Russell

Betty Haynes – Satrina Massey 

Judy Haynes – Maggie Williamson

General Henry Waverly – Jeff Houin

Martha Watson – Jennifer Cummings

Susan Waverly – Mary Liddy Wyatt

Ralph Sheldrake – Christian Harrison

Rita – Maddie Ludt

Rhoda – Mary Vandersteeg

Ezekiel Foster/Jimmy – Brent Roberson

Mike – Thomas Roper


Ensemble/Chorus/Featured Dancers:

Tessie – Sharlee Shumpert

Cigarette Girl/Blindfolded Choir Girl – Caleigh Martin

Train Conductor – Alan Thorderson

Passenger One/Dance Captain – Brice Stone

Passenger Two/Blindfolded Choir Boy  – Dylan Johnson

Passenger Three/Grumpy Lady –  Lisa Walker

Passenger Four – Anna Robinson

Snoring Man – Brent Roberson

Mrs. Snoring Man – Danna Roper

Seamstress – Savannah Rose Scruggs

Assistant Seamstress – Crissen McCoy

Gloria/Featured Dancer – Ashlyn Powell

Ed Sullivan Announcer – Xander Hooper





Cast for Becky’s New Car

Tommy Green-Walter

Kate Teasler-Ginger

Bobby Geno-Joe

Jason Pannell-Steve

Liz Dawson-Becky

Adam Whitten-Chris

Grace Polite-Kenni


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