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The Doors to the Lobby




Theatre is a collaborative art. In
setting the scene at curtain's rise, we do
more than learn and rehearse lines of dialog
and block action in a space on stage
We tap a community of talents:
The actors, director and stage manager . . .
The playwright, the lighting designer,
and the scenic artist . . .
The carpenters, the seamstresses, and the
makeup artists . . .
The sound engineers, electricians, technicians
and gadgeteers . . .
All work together to create the illusion of
reality on stage.

Tupelo Community Theatre, P. O. Box 1094, 201 N. Broadway,

Tupelo, MS 38802, 662-844-1935, or e-mail us. 

After hours number at the theatre to reach cast or crew 662-844-2990




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