History of TCT


History of Theatre

The pages in this section concern the history of Tupelo Community Theatre, and of theatre in general.
We've included the pages dealing the history of our theatre for obvious reasons. It explains, in large measure, the rest of this site. We include information about the people who have appeared on our stage, or assisted backstage, because without them there wouldn't be a TCT. We include information on the history of our home, the Lyric, because it represents both the physical assets and limitations we work with, and because the Lyric itself is of a classic turn of the century design as a playhouse. And we include a list of the plays we've produced because -- like the books we read -- this says something about us (and may give others an idea of plays they might want to produce.
We've also included some information on the history and development of theatre in general. Of necessity, this information has to be limited. However, we have attempted to provide a thumbnail sketch of ancient theatre, its rebirth and flowering during the time of Shakespeare, and the movement toward presenting theatre in more natural and relevant terms over the last three centuries.
Finally, we include a special section devoted simply to the history of the growth of community theatre in the United States.

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