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When we talk about the history of an institution or organization,  we can too often neglect to mention the individuals who have made the organization what it is. Tupelo Community Theatre has produced many plays,  occupied a number of buildings,  engaged in building projects, participated in competitions, organized fundraisers, offered scholarships and conducted workshops. But we are nothing without the many volunteer actors, stage crew, technicians, board members and officers who have devoted their time to make TCT a part of the community for more than thirty-five years. Since TCT produced its first play in 1969, more than 2,600 volunteers have devoted tens of thousands of hours selling the tickets, building the sets, directing, lighting, and performing plays for our membership. We’ve attempted to list every person who has every been in a TCT performance — either as an actor or a member of the construction, stage or tech crew. We’ve also listed all those who have served as members of our board of directors or as officers. With this many people, we’re bound to have forgotten someone, misspelled a name, or just plain messed up. If we have, please let us know.

To all of those who acted in a role on TCT’s stage, no matter whether you were in the chorus, a part of the crowd, or the star of the show —

To all those who wielded a paintbrush, hung a light, toted a prop or swung a hammer —

To all those who took the responsibility, sold the tickets, organized the season and made the tough decisions–

Thank you!

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