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Moonlight and Magnolias: a behind-the-scenes tale

\n\nIf you love movies and the theater, viagra usa cialis it’s hard to resist the appeal of a juicy backstage story. But when the story involves the making of the most popular movie of all time, patient it may be impossible not to enjoy the tale.\n\nMoonlight and Magnolias gives the audience a sneak peek into the office of legendary producer David O. Selznick when his production of Gone with the Wind is in deep trouble. George Cukor has been fired as director and the umpteenth draft of a script has proven to be unworkable. Selznick has suspended shooting while he figures out what to do next. He meets with screenwriter Ben Hecht to offer him $15,000 for a complete rewrite of\n\nSidney Howard’s screenplay. However, Hecht hasn’t read the novel, isn’t impressed with Selznick’s synopsis of it and thinks the movie is bound to be a turkey. Selznick pulls director Victor Fleming off the soon-to-wrap Wizard of Oz and sequesters them and himself in his office, with bananas and peanuts as their only sustenance, to knock out a workable screenplay by the end of the week.

Gone with the Wind Party

We cannot display this gallery\n\nSeptember 6, malady buy 2012\n\nMovie-lovers and theatre lovers alike were delighted by the Gone with the Wind party and screening on Thursday September 6.