Big Finish

This is what it's all about. All the rehearsals, the work backstage, the hours of hanging lights and tweaking your performance to as near perfection as you are able. To feel the heat of stage lighting, to hit each mark, be the character, deliver each line and then . . . bask in the glow of a big finish or that moment when you know -- you just know -- that the audience is yours; that you've transcended the now and taken them someplace else. Someplace within the playwright's imagination and the world you've created.
To be Centerstage.
Sure, we talk about dramatic theory, theatre terms and history. Yes, we know that the work backstage makes the magic that happens onstage possible. But it's for this moment that we're working.
In this section we include pages on auditions and rehearsals. But our focus is on Centerstage. Take a look at images from this season's performances, our gallery of performances past, and our gueststars pages, where we showcase images loaned by other community theatres. Also be sure to check out our TCT Spotlight where we focus on people, places and things -- and not just on stage either! Keep an eye on the spotlight, you may find yourself "Centerstage"!

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