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    We believe in supporting our state, regional and national theatre associations. Community Theatres, by their nature, should foster ties with others and engage in the larger "community" of fellow theatre enthusiasts.
We encourage membership in the Mississippi Theatre Association, the Southeastern Theatre Conference, and the American Association of Community Theatre. All of these organizations can assist your community theatre group with information, resources and ideas. Check with AACT to find out the name and address of your state and regional organizations.
The Mississippi Theatre Association sponsors a theatre festival and competition each year. This is an opportunity to learn from others, share information, attend workshops, and showcase your work in exchange for critical review. TCT has been proud to host the MTA fest in the past, most recently in 2010.
Of course, while the awards are great, it's more important to remember that these gatherings are truly "festivals" at which the theatre arts are celebrated and promoted, and where you can learn more in a weekend than you can imagination. Sharing information, watching others' interpretations and selections, competition and sheer entertainment make these events well worth attending!

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